Strong Regional Support

We have received overwhelming support for the Labrador Wellness Centre Project from many groups including youth, businesses, not-for-profits, health professionals, governments, and our Indigenous partners.

“This centre is a huge necessity for our town and province. The announcement of $11M in support from the provincial government shows that we’re headed towards a happier and healthier Labrador. Whether physical or mental illness, this centre will cover it all. Youth will now have a facility to work out and dedicate themselves to their overall wellness.”

Frankie Leonard

Co-President, Mealy Mountain Collegiate
Youth Councillor, Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay

“Vale has been operating a mine and concentrator in Voisey’s Bay, Labrador, since 2005 and we use Happy Valley-Goose Bay as the major gateway for employees and contractors transitioning to and from the mine site. We have many employees and contractors who are residents of the Lake Melville area and there is no doubt the Labrador Wellness Centre will enhance the quality of life for residents of the area, and for the many tradespeople and contractors who are supporting major projects in the region including our operations at Voisey’s Bay.”

Stuart Macnaughton

Vice President, Newfoundland & Labrador Operations

“The Labrador Wellness Centre will be of tremendous benefit for many parts of Labrador, including Nunatsiavut. It will encourage healthier lifestyles, promote a supportive and all-inclusive environment, and offer services and programs that will result in improved physical, spiritual and mental well-being for all users. On behalf of Beneficiaries of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement, I am pleased to lend my support to this much-needed facility.”

Johannes Lampe

Nunatsiavut Government

“As a physiotherapist I see a large number of people in this community who have mobility issues. They cannot walk outside in the winter time because the slippery conditions. They cannot go to the local pool because they have difficulty on regular steps therefore the wet steps in the dressing room are an accident waiting to happen. They cannot purchase a gym membership because it involves lining up at 5am four-times per year when they go on sale. Our community desperately needs an accessible facility that will allow these people to exercise in a safe environment.”

Richelle Weeks

Physiotherapist, Labrador Grenfell Health
Creator and Instructor, Goose Bay Fitness Classes

“The wellness centre would make for an active lifestyle, accessible to all persons of our diverse community. A new regular-sized swimming pool would make it possible to deliver more diverse swim programs to many more people in our community, more than three times the current capacity.”

Kerry Rideout

Director, Swimming Newfoundland and Labrador
Head Coach, Melville Mantas Swim Club

“The Labrador Wellness Centre will be an important element in Labrador’s regional economic development strategy in the years to come, specifically in areas such as business and industrial attraction, worker recruitment and retention, and overall business confidence in the region. This project will lead to improved regional infrastructure, increase the standard of living, and create a stronger and more vibrant economy.”

Sterling Peyton

Labrador North Chamber of Commerce